Strange things are happening on Wellston Campus - haunted pub quiz, demonic powers, a floating woman.

'No One' is a modern re-mix of "The Invisible Man" as a high-octane thriller. It follows Thomas, a naive student, who befriends an invisible man named Griffin, bringing him fame and fortune, love and violence. Narrated by multiple characters, the story circles the truth, exposing the lies and misconceptions within each narrative. It questions if Griffin truly exists and if he is the violent monster people would have us believe.

We took HG Wells' themes of misinformation, the abuse of power and how it feels to not be seen by society, and reimagined them for the digital age. The form reflects the rapid pace of modern life, the way rumours multiply, edit and re-mix. «No One» blends physical theatre and storytelling with acrobatics, stage combat and movement, mime, clown, and live DJ - to make an action packed, touching and funny show for 13+.

Akimbo is a physical theatre company founded at Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 2021. Our work is violent, beautiful and comic with an innovative creative language that blends storytelling and physical theatre with martial arts, clown and the absurd. We performed No One under Oslo Fringe 2022, and won three awards: Best Show, Best Actor, and Most Impressive Stunt. Since then we have toured No One in Norway and the UK.

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