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About MFS

Presenting a wide display of high standard professional performances, MFS provides a specialised platform and meeting place for producers, buyers and artists of performing arts.

It’s arranged three days every year and we aim to spread inspiration, insight and to enlighten the standard of competence for both producers and artists.

Experiencing an exploding demand for quality-insured productions of performing arts for children and youths, MFS displays between 20 and 30 shows during three days in April every year and, in the last years, they have experienced an increased amount of people coming from abroad to visit or perform. 

For any more information in English, please contact artistic director Gunn Strand Eliassen by email.

The MFS is an arenafacilitating purchase and sale of performance art productions aimed at youngsters.
Three days are designated for 22 – 24 performances that are shown in their entirety, 8-10 of which are presented at the Marketplace. Some time is also set aside for professional conversations/discussions and network meetings.
Evaluations conducted among groups participating in the past few years, shows that performers recommend the event to other performance art groups – and that productions shown at The Market for Performing Arts, have had many shows since.
Participants at the MFS come from all over Norway as well as other Scandinavian countries, mainly organizers and producers working with The Cultural School Bag, cultural centres, festivals and libraries.
As a meeting place for organizers, producers and participants working with dissemination of performance art for youngsters, The MFS also offers good options for network building.


The Market for Performing Arts in Sandefjord (MFS) is a national arena for presentation, purchase and sale of professional performing arts aimed at children and teens.

MFS offers a broad spectrum of performing arts and is a meeting place for professional development, where the goal is to provide high quality performance art for youngsters and increase expertise in this area for both organizers and participants.

The Market for Performing Arts has developed into a significant national supplier/provider/organizer of performance art for festivals, cultural centres, libraries and participants within The Cultural Schoolbag / Kulturtanken (Arts for Young audiences Norway).

The Market for Performing Arts is owned by Sandefjord municipality, the main organizer. Vestfold county is co-organizer and grants subsidies. Kulturtanken is a collaboration partner. MFS is supported by the Cultural Committee and is a member of Norway Festivals.

Terms and conditions
The Market for Performing Arts showcases productions for children and teens. Hence no remuneration is payed for performances, but we can cover the cost of travel, transportation, accommodation and meals.

The programme is put together by our programme committee, with an artistic leader as programme coordinator. The committee holds meetings regularly, and members work individually in between meetings. Many productions are considered based on submitted video recordings, others are reviewed live.
The goal of the committee is to create a varied programme, comprised of good performances by youngsters from Norway and Europe. Target audience, genre, crew, geography, themes and relevance are elements that are emphasized when the programme is made.

The Market for Performing Arts in Sandefjord (MFS) is a national arena for presentation, purchase and sale of professional performing arts aimed at children and teens. MFS was created in 1996 and has become an important gathering for organizers as well as artists.

For the first couple of years, the event was named The Theatre Market, and was more like a festival where anyone who wanted to could sign up and perform. At the time we had a lot of volunteers, and the Theatre Market event happened in June.

After a few years like this, and with the creation of The Cultural Schoolbag, the event was forced to change form. A professional artistic committee was created, the name of the event was changed to Market for Performing Arts and developed into a gathering for performance art groups, producers and organizers.

Vision and goals


More children and teenagers in Norway should be able to experience high quality performance art.


The Market for Performing Arts should present high quality performance art for children and teens, and should be a meeting place for professional development, where the goal is to spread inspiration and insight, and to increase the expertise of organizers and participants alike.

We seek to further develop The Market for Performing Arts as the most important arena for increasing competence, building networks, and as a gathering for performance art groups.

Sandefjord kommune

Postboks 2025
3247 Sandefjord
Telefon: +47 33 41 67 17
E-post: gunn.strand.eliassen@sandefjord.kommune.no

Depuis 1996, le Marché des arts du spectacle vivant de Sandefjord (MFS) est une arène nationale exclusive pour la vente, l’achat et la présentation des spectacles jeune public en Norvège.

Proposant une large gamme de spectacles professionnels de haute niveau, MFS offre une plate-forme et un lieu de rencontre spécialisé pour les producteurs, les programmateurs et les artistes du spectacle vivant.

Il est organisé chaque année au mois d’avril, pendant 3 jours, durant lesquels sont présentés une trentaine de spectacles.

MFS a enregistré ces dernières années un nombre croissant de visiteurs intéressés par des spectacles de haute qualité pour le jeune public, mais également de compagnies du spectacle vivant étrangères, qui sont venu et présenter leurs spectacles.

Pour toute information complémentaire, veuillez contacter la directrice artistique Gunn Strand Eliassen par e-mail.