Interpersonal relationships are the subject of KATE & PASI’s hand-to-hand acrobatic show. How can a 50 kg woman win against a 100 kg man? And what kind of relationship exists between such an unlikely duo when they encounter each other? Who is leading and who is following? Will your character be formed through relationships? The DUO KATE & PASI literally juggle with elements of a love relationship, and they answer the questions about couple development with heart-stopping acrobatics, sensitivity, and lots of self-irony.

Duration of the show: 45 min

PERFORMERS / Katerina Repponen, Pasi Nousiainen

DIRECTION / Anu Niemi, Katerina Repponen, Pasi Nousiainen

LIGHT DESIGN / Eero Peltola-Auvinen

COSTUME DESIGN / Riikka Heiskanen

fra 7 år