It’s the first time for the puppet theatre company Di Filippo Marionette (Philippines/Australia/Italy) to perform in Norway! 
The company was formed in 2012 by Italian Remo Di Filippo, after his study and research at the Taller de Marionetas de Pepe Otal in Barcelona Spain, where he learned about the world of puppetry and began building marionettes (string puppets).  He then created a show that went on tour and he met Filipina/Australian Rhoda Lopez, who joined the company, which now has three shows in repertoire.  
Both Remo and Rhoda have theatre and performing arts backgrounds, and enjoy the artisan side of having a puppet theatre company, where they can imagine, design and build their own marionettes, and create their shows in their little studio workshop in Italy.  Special note: the marionettes’ clothing are made by Remo’s “Mamma” 

This year they happily bring their first show “Hanging By A Thread” which has been presented in almost 30 countries and has received 10 international awards.  

Their shows are without words, and their first show is in cabaret style where each marionette character shares their story through movement, music, curious interactions with the manipul-actors and sometimes some live singing. 
Their second show “Variations” was created during the year of the pandemic when they had to cancel their tour and stay at home base… so they challenged themselves to see if it was possible to do a theatre-length show with just ONE marionette!  Proto (the protagonist solo marionette in the show) gets put together and comes to life in front of the audience’s eyes, as Remo and Rhoda attach the strings, and they all go on a journey together, through technology (Proto learns to take photos of the audience on a mobile phone!) emotions and even adventures on a boat. 

The third show “Piuma” (Italian for “feather” and the name of the marionette) was finalised in Australia, and is a fun short story about the smallest marionette in the company (27cms tall) who doesn’t want to work, and Remo (176cms tall) who has to find ways to do the show with him!

Trailer_Di_Filippo_Marionette_ from remo di filippo on Vimeo.

The company’s style is becoming recognisable, as it breaks the tradition of not seeing the puppeteer: the audience sees both Remo and Rhoda on stage with the puppets themselves, and through this they create surprising and memorable moments with the marionettes. 

“They enchant children and make adults dream”