Enter the visionary realm of Riuchi

Asian tradition meets anachronistic technologies through an inspiring journey that redraws the classical archetypes of the Master and the Samurai. A performance embodying three artistic visions: creation, protection, and destruction.

“Hikari ” grew from an innovative approach of multi-layering technologies, a display of agility, magic techniques, and a fleeting crafted soundscape. Framed by a rigorous traditional Japanese architectural setting, Riuchi’s radical approach blurs the boundaries between genres from creativity to intimacy while encompassing emotions from pure rage to extensive stillness. Riuchi crafts a visual realm that defies logic, gravity, and expectations. He expertly mixes traditional and contemporary magic techniques to produce an unexpected sense of wonder.

In his own exquisite way, Riuchi’s dreams are faster than the eye.


Arts Council of Ireland Cork City Council Arts Office  
Theatre Development Centre Ireland  
Circus Factory Ireland 
Granary Theatre Ireland 
Studio Kura Japan 
Culture Ireland 
French Embassy in Ireland

Hikari Trailer from riuchi on Vimeo.


The show is a collaboration between performer Riuchi and local artists based in Ireland. Through this performance, Riuchi deepens his exploration of his Asian fictional avatar by splitting it into two well-rounded characters. The challenge was to explore new magic techniques using a different approach to mixing technology and movement. Each scene is conceived as a way to blur our conception of space and time thanks to a technology specifically developed for this purpose.

On stage, Riuchi recreates a series of special effects, usually only seen in films, to coerce the audience into a fantasy world. The soundtrack composed specifically for this show exquisitely blends narration with movement, melodically providing the ultimate finishing touch. The whole project took over three years of research and development, thanks to the support of national and international institutions.

Performer: Riuchi | Sound design:  David Duffy | Light design: Steven Neale |  Engineering System: Mr Janno | Artistic direction: Fernando Tunon Hernandez | Dramaturgy: William Frode de la Foret

Kontakt og teknisk informasjon: 
Guillaume Cousson

Bredde: 8 meter
Dybde: 8 meter
Høyde: 4 meter

Varighet: 30 minutter

Fra 6 år