FALL and FLOAT is a dance performance for everyone aged 4+. In this highly physical and visual show, two dancers create a magical world through the manipulation of balloons. How? With incredible performers, playful energy and  a joyful soundscape. The form: a hypnotical, comical and uplifting piece full of falling, lifting, throwing, catching, stumbling, floating … and sometimes maybe even a little bit of flying...

Choreography: Mónica Muñoz in collaboration with the dancers
Dance: Martijn Joling and Amy Pender
Sound Composition: Denis Clohessy
Set and Costume Design: Laura Fajardo 
Lighting Design: Sebastian Pizarro

LX Operator: Paul Lenihan

Fall and Float was created through a Dance Project Award from the Arts Council and  additional support from Pathways to Production/ Baboro International Children's Festival Galway

Kontakt og teknisk informasjon:
Paul Lenihan


Bredde: 8 meter
Dybde: 6 meter
Høyde: 4 meter
Varighet: 40 minutter

Fra 4 år