“Game Theory” is a kinesthetic portrait of play — which is highly personal and still immediately recognizable. The games we like best are often the ones that make our head spin and can break our heart, games that are more than just a game. Movements generated in the heat of battle have been transformed into an aesthetically rigorous composition, creating a performance that is both playful and theoretical, and that speaks to a broad range of audiences.
This production exists in multiple forms. I think that what would fit best for your organization is the short version of the choreography, which is 30 minutes long and features a team of four dancers. The production is extremely flexible and can be performed indoors or outdoors (for instance in a school gym or on a basketball court), without any special technical needs. 

Game Theory (trailer) from Joshua Monten on Vimeo.

After each performance, each of the four dancers would be available to give dance workshops to individual school classes. (And the combination of dance and games is an excellent way to introduce new audiences to contemporary dance.)